About Us

GameOfHomesPH is a brokerage firm that focus in selling, marketing, and has expertise in the field of Real Estate in the Philippines. We offer various and have the most comprehensive property listings of residential and commercial developments from our business partners such as renown Developers, major Banks, and established Insurance company.

Mission and Vision Statement

In a nutshell, our mission is to help our clients in choosing the right property as end-user or investment purposes base on their preference and financial capacity. With the widest choices of real estate properties, our vision is to be the primary brokerage firm that provides several options from our business partners to our valued clients.

Why us

We sell and handle it well! We go beyond sales by completing the entire process of selling and transferring of pertinent documents of the property like the transfer of certificate title (TCT) and Tax Declaration. We always go for satisfactions by giving our clients more value for their money. We set the expectations right from the start and try to educate our clients about the properties we are selling from brand new units to foreclosed properties as their options in our line of business. Lastly, we believe that buying real estate is like a “game”. There are so many to choose from that will entice you, but there are also a lot to consider from, we put integrity in our work and we are here to help, because at the end of the day our goal is for our clients to win the “game”.

The Management

The firm is composed of a Licensed Real Estate Broker from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and has a permit from the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) to operate and to enter in real estate transactions. The firm has valid accreditation from business partners and has marketing staff with years of experience in the real estate industry.

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